The World’s Greatest Religious Leaders

TWG Religious Leaders

Yesterday, I mentioned a new reference work to which I contributed articles. It reminded me that I also wrote another article for an ABC-CLIO reference work that was published this past spring. The article introduced the figure Abraham/Ibrahim, mainly in Judaism, Islam, Christianity. Scott E. Hendrix and Uchenna Okeja, eds. The World’s Greatest Religious Leaders: How Religious Figures Helped to Shape World History (ABC-CLIO, 2018). The reference work is intended for an undergraduate audience.


Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions

Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions

Last year, I wrote a few articles on women in Judaism that have been published in Susan de-Gaia, ed. Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions: Faith and Culture across History (ABL-CLIO, 2018). It is a 2 volume reference book suitable for undergraduates, but its costs means you should request it for your school’s library.

UPDATE 12.26.2018: Susan de Gaia informs me that she has set up a wordpress with more information (authors and titles) on the encyclopedia.



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